Membership in The Lab

Individual Member

Support the goals, participate in email discussions, on-line forums, can attend annual meeting. $250 per year.

Join the Lab.


Participate fully in requirements, planning, and work of the Labs. Includes all the benefits of the Individual member for up participants from a single organization. Discounted additional attendees at the annual meeting.

Contact The Lab for more information.


Featured and quoted in press releases related to work in which they participate. Support adoption and development activities to grow the market for the products. Candidates for Sponsor Membership include vendors providing or intending to provide products based on the open source products of the Lab. Sponsorship is good choice for:

  • Government agencies wanting to ensure availability (and interoperability).
  • Companies wanting to support the purposes of the Lab and engage more fully with other members.

In-kind donations toward the Open Source project may be considered in lieu of or addition to payment.

Contact The Lab for Sponsorship information.

Accelerator Member

The Accelerating Member if the choice for organizations with the highest level of commitment to interoperable, standards based open source projects enabling transactive energy, transactive and managed microgrids, and agent-based software for energy management, efficiency, and dynamic balance. Candidates for Accelerating Membership include organizations that want to accelerate availability and adoption of the The Lab's products and projects for more intelligent, more adaptive, and more effective energy management.

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