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Scientific Director: David A. Cohen

David A. Cohen

David A. Cohen

David is currently Chief Strategy Officer of Car Charging Group, which is now the largest owner operator of electric vehicle charging services including the Blink Network.

David has 24 years of management, product development, and business development experience for emerging renewable energy technology companies. He has specialized in the areas of distributed energy, intelligent buildings, distribution automation, software, and renewable power system development. David founded four start-up companies and has a track record in building, scaling, and selling innovative ventures. He has completed numerous R&D joint ventures, and partnerships in the US, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Australia, and Asia-Pac. He has developed and commercialized over 20 energy-related software products, and is nationally renowned for his pioneering work in distributed energy and SmartGrid software applications. David was named as one of the top 100 movers and shakers in the SmartGrid in 2012 by Greentech Media. David wrote The Electrinet: A Communications Architecture for a Competitive Electric Power Industry.  He is an expert on Solar Microgrids and SmartGrid software and analytics.

Products and projects he has led provide intelligence and effective management for energy grid components, and include the industry’s first end-to-end building to grid (B2G) and renewable energy managed services platform, the Galaxy Platform (PCS Smart Grid Services) used to connect B2G and SmartGrid domains.

David developed the Virtual Building Energy Network and the Enterprise City Infrastructure Management applications deployed within Global Command and Control Centers (GCCC) in Dubai, New York, and Toronto with 8 planned global locations. The GCCC currently manages over 50,000 buildings including the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The entire platform is white labeled by Jones Lang LaSalle globally under the name IntelliCommandTM to provide intelligent building energy monitoring and managed energy services including demand response for large commercial and industrial customers.

Prior to founding Pacific Controls Smart Grid Services, David was CEO and co-founder of Infotility which was one of the first demand response aggregators and developer of InfoNowTM, the industries first web-based automated demand response platform deployed in early 2001. Infotility was the founding contributor to the Auto-DR project that is now Open-ADR, the industry standard for automated demand response.  

Technical Director: William T. Cox

William Cox is a leader in Smart Grid interoperability, information model architectures, and transactive energy. Much of his software architecture work over the past several years has been to define economic methods for microgrid, facility and grid management and fault resilience. As Co-chair and lead architect, he led the creation of OASIS Energy Interoperation, the first freely available open standard for transactive energy, and the basis for OpenADR2 and TEMIX.. He has published many papers related to energy, transactive energy, and interoperation. (See for papers and a more extensive biography)

His current work is on the business value and deployment of transactive energy, and information models for expressing and exchanging schedule information.

Bill is an OASIS Distinguished Contributor, and received the Object Management Group Achievement Award.  He earned a PhD and MS in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Executive Director: Toby Considine

Toby Considine is an internationally recognized expert on smart energy, smart buildings, and smart grids who has worked in energy policy, open standards, and enterprise integration of control systems. Mr. Considine has 35 years of experience integrating building automation systems, cogeneration plants, steam and electrical distribution systems, and Life-Safety alarms with the enterprise.

Smart Buildings led to Smart Grids, and Mr. Considine was part of the EPRI team that wrote the US National Smart Grids Roadmap for NIST. He has been a peer review for Department of Energy projects in Smart Grids. Toby was deeply involved in the OASIS specifications market-oriented interfaces for smart energy, serving as Chair or Editor for multiple standards. These open specifications are the foundation for OpenADR, now being adopted world-wide.

Toby has a long-standing interest in technologies that merge e-commerce and control systems. You can read his blog at