The Mission of the Lab

The Lab is an open source community for the development software that enables smart energy and a clearing house smart energy techniques and approaches. We select projects based on alignment with our core principles:

  • Does it make it easier to install and integrate new energy technology?
  • Does it enable new technology to come to market faster?
  • Does it use (or produce) free, open-source software?
  • Does it communicate using open unencumbered standards?
  • Does it enable more participants to create exciting energy solutions?
  • Does it engage the community developing software that delights users?
  • Does it support local decisions about local energy use?

Our founders are international leaders in this area. We’ve been around the block and identified some initial technologies and architectures that are ripe for rapid success. These include:

  • Every home and business is potentially a microgrid, that can contain microgrids, and can participate in microgrids
  • Transactive Energy based on OASIS Energy Interoperation
  • Intelligent energy-aware agents that can envelope each new technology
  • Self-integrating systems that make purchase and adoption easy.
  • Machine-to-machine communications and negotiation
  • Energy systems may be expensive and hard to make, but they should be easy and quick to install
  • Energy use is local, so decisions about energy use, storage, and generation should be, too.

Our approach to Smart Energy is typified by Energy Microgrids.

The Lab believes that Transactive Energy is Smart Energy. Transactive integration is low cost and easy to install; new systems can be introduced with minimal configuration. Transactive integration will enable you to bring home new technology from the store in the morning, and have it fully integrated into the transactive market of your home or business in the afternoon. Transactive agents respond to the needs of their owners without constant intervention.

Supporting the way you want to live and work.